ONE COPY LEFT! The human figure, unmasked- TASCHEN's 25th anniversary - Special edition! "Fascinating for what it tells us about the history of body images and social codes." The Independent, London. This book offers a cross-section of... read more

1000 Nudes - OP
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Girls, Gags Giggles" - this was publisher Robert Harrison's recipe for dishing up the American pin-up to the U.S. male. In the 1950s his girlie magazines sold by the millions, before becoming icons of pulp and trash culture. These skilful... read more

1000 Pin-Up Girls
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101 Vagina is about breaking down the taboo around vaginas and body image shame generally. It confronts the lies we are told about what’s normal and celebrates our uniqueness and diversity. 101 Vagina is also about the sharing of story, of... read more

101 Vagina
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More and more people are getting into body art, but how do you go about choosing a design? It is, after all, a lifetime decision that's going to cost thousands of dollars to erase or alter? Now in paperback, 500 Tattoo Designs is the ultim... read more

500 Tattoo Designs
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In 1964 the photographer David McCabe was assigned the project of documenting a year in the life of Andy Warhol. He succeeded in capturing Warhol in the events and settings that most characterized his life during this period. Over 450 of these images are presented here, along with explanatory text.

A Year in the Life of Andy Warhol
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Rick Day’s opulent co�ffee-table books Players and Players Two both became instant bestsellers. At � first glance, the photographs are all about sports, about immaculate and trained bodies in rugby wear, tight trunks or nothing at... read more

All Players - Day, Rick
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