Dna Magazine #248 (September 2020)


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September 2020


DNA Magazine | #248 – Sexiest Men Alive 2020

Yes, it’s that time of the year, when DNA names the men who’ve been tripping our triggers, flipping our switches and hitting it out of the ball park with their sweet, eye-ball popping gorgeousness.

So, just who has qualified as DNA’s Sexiest Men Alive in 2020?

Of the 54 men featured, one is a world leader, another is a global chart topper, there are actors, athletes, social media stars, underwear models, physique competitors and DNA cover boys.

There’s an adult entertainer, a voguer, a Brit with big ears and an OnlyFans favourite with a big… following. There are politicians, Instagram celebrities and two men in kilts!

Our cover star is Argentinean, Leonel Ledesma – and if you think his cover shot is hot, wait until you see his six pages inside!

Our news feature this month, Worlds Collide, looks at gay politicians who support anti-gay policies and parties. Naturally, they face accusations of hypocrisy, but why do they do it, and what’s the price they ultimately pay when their politics conflicts with their personal lives?

Plus, we have all your favourite regular features and columns.