Sex over 70 by Doreen Wendt-WeirGender transition by Sally Conning

Sex in aged care by Dr Catherine Barrett
Dance and sexuality by Janet W. Hardy
Naturism by Sam Twyford-Moore
Porn and feminism by Ellena Savage
Bisexuality and stigm... read more

Archer Magazine #04 The Ageing Issue
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"There is a strange combination of terror and freedom I feel when objectified..."
Love affairs with our bodies. The stigma associated with butt sex. How religion impacts sexuality.
Plus, stories of sexuality and gender from Malaysia, China, USA, r... read more

Archer Magazine #05 Sex, Intimacy and Body Love
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The SHE/HERS issue – Archer Magazine #6

Sex and motherhood by Carly Lorente 
Trans in the public eye by Jordan Raskopouls 
Sexual diversity and Aboriginal cultures by Alison Whittaker 
Pain and sex by Phoebe Paterso... read more

Archer Magazine #06 The She/ Hers Issue
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"I don’t mind confusion about my gender, but I do resent cisgender people who make that confusion my problem." - Bani Amor
In this groundbreaking edition of Archer Magazine, we curate stories by people who exist outside the gender-binary.
ARCHER M... read more

December 2016

Archer Magazine #07 The Non-Binary Issue
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“In Archer Magazine terms, family doesn’t just refer to nuclear arrangements and reproduction,” writes Archer Magazine founder Amy Middleton in her editor’s letter. “This issue features articles on chosen family, non-monogamous relat... read more

Archer Magazine #09: The Family Issue
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A Magazine about Sex, Gender and Identity
The History Issue

Q&A with William Yang – leah Jing
Trans erasure in archives – Archie Barry
Media representation – Ross Murray
Shot in the Dark – Sam Soich ... read more

June 2018

Archer Magazine #10: The History Issue
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A guide to the 100 best pubs in Melbourne. 

Bar Guide 2016: Time Out Melbourne
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Bent Street is an annual publication that gathers essays, fiction, poetry, artwork, reflections, letters, blog posts, interviews, performance writing and rants to bring you 'The Year in Queer'.
"Bent Street 1 - 2017" covers same-sex marriage, health an education, the meaning of... read more

Bent Street #01 2017
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Demasque #4
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Equally Wed Magazine
This magazine is a real community magazine with features from the following:
Julie McCrossin: Demonstrations and Marriage
Warren Entsch: Marriage Equality to the Entsch Degree
Alex Greenwich: The Next Step is Transgender ... read more

Equally Web #1 (April 2018) Launch Issue
$12.50(AUD) inc GST
Available Stock: 12